Each year brings its own set of challenges and goals that we are better equipped to face when we are pursuing God together. As a Church, we want to start 2020 seeking to become more like Jesus and more aware of His presence in our lives. So, on Wednesday, January 1, we are going to start our 21 Days of Prayer journey and we hope you will join us. Along with praying every day, we will be going through the book of John together and reading 1 chapter each day. As you slow down to listen, ask God to connect with you and grow you as you spend time in His Word and in prayer.

What to Do

  • Daily Prayer
    The whole point of this is to connect to God in a real and powerful way. James tells us that if we draw close to God He will draw close to us. So…draw close. Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God in which we praise Him, we ask Him, and then we listen to Him. Sometimes we can make it more difficult than it really is. Suggestions of things to pray for:

    • Opportunities to share God’s love
    • Personal spiritual growth (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control)
      • In Galatians chapter 5 you can read about the fruits of the Spirit.
    • Your family
    • Personal needs
    • Our church
      • Cannonball
        • Wave of Ministry – Everything that happens around the church on a regular basis
        • Wave of Outreach – For all the partnerships we have with ministries making an impact locally and around the world
        • Wave of Expansion – Our new building and renovation reaching more people for Jesus
      • God’s mission advancing
      • Our pastors
      • Our nation
        • 2020 Presidential election
        • Our President
        • Unity
  • Bible Reading
    We want to encourage the whole church to read through the gospel of John. John is the fourth book in the New Testament and has 21 chapters so we will be reading 1 chapter per day. Click here to access the YouVersion Bible App for more studies and reading plans.

  • Fasting
    Another opportunity to draw closer to God is by fasting during the 21 days. Biblical fasting is voluntarily giving up something that is part of your daily routine in order to draw closer to God. You REPLACE the time you would have spent on what you’re fasting from with God. All through Scripture, God’s people fasted and prayed when they wanted to draw near to God, hear from Him, and seek answers to prayers.Fasting has always been most closely associated with food. Some will choose to give up food entirely for a certain period of time. Some may choose just one meal per day, not going out to eat at all, or a single food item. Maybe coffee is your morning routine and for 21 days you choose to give that up.

    You can fast from anything that is part of your daily routine—TV, social media, games, etc. What’s important is that it’s something that will remind you multiple times each day to spend time with God. You don’t just eliminate something, you replace it with Bible reading and prayer.


Send an email to mystory@communitycc.com to share your 21 Days of Prayer experience. Share how spending time in prayer and His Word has impacted you.