Connecting Starts Here

Connecting with others is easy to say, but sometimes more daunting to actually apply. But don’t we all want to be a part of something…to be known? Here at Community, we want to make connecting a reality. We’ve created steps and environments that will help you do just that…CONNECT!

Our desire is to see you begin your spiritual journey at Starting Point, where you will meet the ministry staff and others new to Community. Visit the Starting Point page to find out more information, including the date for our next Starting Point lunch or dessert.

After attending Starting Point, your next step would be to attend our Discovery Classes, beginning with 101: Discovering Community. Our 101 class will answer your questions and continue to lead you along your spiritual path, inspiring, teaching and motivating you along the way to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. The Discovery Classes page will show you the complete listing of our Discovery Classes including dates for upcoming classes.

Some of the other great ways to connect with others are through Dinner Groups. Another great way to connect is through serving together here at Community or as we serve outside the church.  Finally, great connections with others can be made while studying the Bible together in one of our small group Bible studies or LIFE Groups.

Through these opportunities, we trust that you’ll begin relationships with others, see spiritual growth and find yourself in a “sweet spot” of service. If you need help in connecting, contact me…that’s my job as Connections Director here at Community!

Stephanie Bringas, Connections Director
954.724.7400, ext. 225