4C Cycling Team: Levy Ride
Jun 3, 2017 at 7:00 AM
Organizer: Danny Perez

Michael Essington has ran with us on the road froor long enough!!. Now it is time for something a little different… A gravel / levy / berm ride lead my Mike "The Fat Tire" Essington. 
The plan is to meet at 7:00 a.m. at the Sawgrass Trailhead at Atlantic Boulevard. This is where Atlantic Boulevard meets the Sawgrass Expressway. You need to be on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway (heading south). There is a paved exit with parking. Depending on the wind, we can ride west towards US 27 or north on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway or south towards Markham Park. I prefer the west route. After we ride a bit, we turn around and head back. The ride over to US 27 is about 11 miles out and 11 miles back. We can shorten that up at any time. The trail is like a one lane dirt road and can be a little bumpy. It is quiet and pretty out there. It would be nice to have a 10-15 mph pace, but no one will be left behind.
A few things that are different than riding on the road. You need a mountain bike or at least a hybrid. A road bike is no good for this ride. Next, there are no places to get water along the way, so you need to bring your own. This ride is probably a two water bottle ride. I prefer using a Camelbak with lots of water. You also need to bring a spare innertube (or two) in case of a flat. If you get a flat out there, it is a long walk. Uber cannot come get you! If you carry a pump or CO2, that is great. I carry a small pump if anyone needs it. If you have any questions, please ask me.
Our fearless Youth Pastor, Tim Gray, might even join us. He is the unofficial King of the Levy for CCC!
Please let us know if you will join us. We are looking forward to this ride.