Local Serving Opportunities

Saturday, November 4 we have two opportunities to serve those in Broward County who struggle with hunger. A team from Community will be serving at the main warehouse for Feeding South Florida in Pembroke Park from 1:30 – 4:30 PM. A second team will be serving a meal for the homeless at Broward Outreach Center from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. If you are interested in joining either of these teams, please email Outreach Pastor Dan Reischel at dreischel@communitycc.com. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, October 29.



Serve Anytime

Each year, hundreds from the Community family serve as part of our churchwide serving initiatives – Community Impact! We have a number of ongoing groups that serve on a regular monthly basis, but perhaps you’re looking for other ways of loving and serving others as part of a “Love Does” lifestyle on an ongoing basis.

Here are some ideas on how you and your family can love and serve others as part of a “Love Does” lifestyle:

  • Have a Garage Sale or sell something you no longer need and give proceeds to an organization that serves the poor or homeless, and then volunteer there.

LifeNet4Families: (954) 792-2328
Broward Outreach Center (Pompano): (954) 979-6365

  • Meal Cloning: Plan out a dinner menu, buy double of everything, and place the extra in a box. Take it to a family that would be blessed by the meal.
  • Clean out closets and donate your extra clothes to a relief agency.

Broward Outreach Center (Pompano): (954) 979-6365
4KIDS of South Florida: (954) 979-7911

  • Invite an elderly person who doesn’t drive to visit friends or run errands.
  • Purchase pizzas and deliver them to your child’s school for the Teachers’ Lounge.
  • Take your newspaper or a favorite book to a nursing home and find someone who would enjoy having you read it to them.
  • Clean the house/mow the grass/wash the car of a friend or neighbor.
  • Write thank you cards and deliver them with cookies to police officers, firefighters, etc.
  • Go out to eat and leave a huge tip.
  • Babysit and/or pay for a dinner or movie out for a young couple.
  • Buy snacks (chips, cookies, candy) and deliver them to people in a hospital waiting room.
  • Buy some flowers and deliver them to people in nursing homes.
  • “Pay it forward” – pay for the gas/groceries/take-out of a person in line behind you.
  • Pay for washers/dryers at a local laundromat.
  • Take a game (checkers, dominos, etc.) to a nursing home and play games with some of the residents.
  • Make a sack lunch and deliver it to someone who is homeless.
  • Babysit for a single parent so he/she can run errands, go shopping or just enjoy some free time.
  • Cook for your neighbors. Provide and prepare all the food and invite your neighbors over for dinner.
  • During Christmas season — Secret Santa: Put together a gift box for an elderly person. Go to a nursing home and find a resident that doesn’t have family visiting them and give them the gift box you prepared.
  • Give a Gift Card providing lunch for a week to a co-worker or college student.
  • Buy a Gift Card from a local store (Walmart, Target, etc.) and give to a family with children at home.
  • Extra plate for dinner: Invite someone who has no family nearby to your home for dinner or out to lunch.
  • Research different relief organizations and get involved by helping a child or family in another country.

www.worldvision.org, click Ways to Give
www.samaritanspurse.org, click Gift Catalog
www.compassion.com, click Sponsor a Child

After you serve, tell us about your experience by sending an email to mystory@communitycc.com.