Molly Miller

Molly Miller

Facilities Assistant


Molly R. Miller recently moved from Warrenville, Chicago, IL to Florida in 2017. She was born in Guatemala and was adopted from Guatemala City when she was 3 and half years old. She then moved to Portland, Oregon, then to Chicago, IL and now Florida.

Being a very sweet, outgoing person, she loves socializing and meeting new people in her spare time. She has 3 favorite things in life: Number one is sports of all kinds. She enjoys traveling to watch them. The second thing is The Minions. She loves these guys til the end and has seen all their movies–she can’t stop watching them! Her third favorite thing is spending time with her friends. Since it’s hard to find a good friend, she is sure to be a good friend first without expecting it back.

She is also a child of God and puts Him first in her life. She thinks, “What would Jesus do?” and then does it. She became a member of CCC in 2017 and has been enjoying the church since then. She enjoys her job of cleaning and maintaining the church and pleases others by her cleaning.