Due to the threat of COVID-19, all our groups are currently meeting online. Please check back for updates on when groups will meet in-person and on-campus again.

LifeGroups Online—We’re better together!

God never intended for us to be alone.  He created us to be so much better together.  With that in mind, we highly encourage you to consider being a part of a LifeGroup.  We offer a few different types of groups:

 LifeGroups Online: a small group that meets on a regular basis (at least twice a month) in a variety of locations to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus (Believe), connect in meaningful relationships with other people (Belong), and see a positive difference in your life and the people around you (Become).

 Bible Study Groups: larger groups who meet at church with an emphasis on Bible study.

  Adventure Groups: groups that meet together based on a common/shared interest (bicycling, running, etc.).

Wherever you are in life and in your spiritual journey we have a group for you.

How to find your group:
1. Click “GroupFinder” below
2. Sign up and the leader will contact you
3. Show up and enjoy your new friends


If you don’t know which group to join we can help you!  

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If you are interested in learning more about how you can lead your own group, Click Here.


For any additional questions please contact our Pastor to Adults Tim Gray – Click Here.