Decision Day

A day of celebrating life-change.

Sunday, January 29 is Decision Day at Community and we hope to celebrate many decisions for Christ on this special day. If you have considered being baptized or becoming a member of Community, Decision Day would be just one wonderful day out of many to follow through and make this decision.

If you have not attended a class in the past, you are strongly encouraged to watch a video of one of our age-appropriate Baptism Classes (kids/students/adults) videos below (también se ofrece en español).

Baptism is also taught in the Discovering Community class. If you missed the class, no worries! You have the ability to watch the class videos below (también se ofrece en español).

FAQs in English

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FAQs en Español

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Watch the video recap from a prior Decision Day

Are you interested in being baptized? To help you understand what the Bible says about baptism and why we baptize by immersion, we are providing Baptism Class videos below for you to watch on-demand at any time. Scroll down to see the Baptism Classes for adults (both English and Spanish versions are available), Kids (grades 3-5), and Students (middle and high school).

We have baptisms taking place almost every weekend here at Community Christian Church both in our indoor baptistery and outdoor baptistery.

If you are ready to be baptized, click on one of the My Decision buttons located underneath any of the Baptism Class videos to let us know you would like to be baptized in either our indoor or outdoor baptistery.





Discovering Community is the one class that we ask everyone who attends Community to take. In this class, Pastor Scott will share with you our vision, core values, structure, beliefs and practices, and our future as a church.


Discovering Community Part 1
Discovering Community Part 2


Descubriendo Community Parte 1
Descubriendo Community Parte 2