COVID-19 Outreach Opportunities

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything for us all but as Christ-followers we can use this as a unique opportunity to show encouragement & love through selfless service to those in need. This page was created to keep you in the loop on the ways Community Christian Church is responding to COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates and check out all the ways we can engage below!




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  • Feeding South Florida Meal Distribution Serve We helped give away 1,500 meals in just one day thanks to our partnership with Feeding South Florida (FSF) and the City of Tamarac. It was so rewarding we just can’t wait to do it again! Our next Feeding South Florida Meal Distribution serve will be at CCC on Monday, June 8! We will have one every other Monday thereafter as long as FSF needs us.

    If you, or a family you know, are in need of food please don’t hesitate to join the car line to receive food. Typically cars start lining up as early as 6:30 am and food will be distributed until we’re out! We want to help feed everyone 🙂

    Sign up for this serve here!

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  • Boxes of Hope: The COVID-19 Care Package First Responders have never worked harder – Aging senior-living residents have never been lonelier – What a crazy time! So what can we do to share a little joy? Toss a few special items into the shopping cart (or Amazon cart) the next time you shop and create a Box of Hope!Let’s collect small items that will make someone’s day, put them into a small box and drop it off at the church! The Outreach Team and our COVID-19 volunteers will deliver these packages to Senior living facilities and hospitals right here in Tamarac! Check out the list below for a few ideas of goodies that you can put together in your box(es).

    • Box of Hope: Senior Resident: Small box of goodies: Some ideas include (but not limited to): Coloring books, crossword puzzles, devotional books, crayon pencils, hand lotion, word searches, etc. (no food items due to special diets) —and of course a handwritten letter of encouragement with an invitation to watch CCC Sunday services online.
    • Box of Hope: First Responder: Small box of goodies: Some ideas include (but not limited to): Antibacterial and moisturizing hand lotions, small devotionals, pens. Snack ideas include: Energy drink, Gatorade, crunchy snacks, nuts, jerky, gum, bottle of water, protein bars etc.—and of course a handwritten letter of encouragement with an invitation to watch CCC Sunday services online.Bring your completed boxes to CCC and drop them off in the bins just outside of the front entrance doors. The Outreach Team will deliver them to those in need right here in Tamarac! We can’t wait to deliver a smile to those serving others every day!
  • Break On Us! First Responders and Essential Workers have been serving the community’s needs since day 1 of COVID-19. There’s nothing better than an unexpected lunch or treat basket to break up a long day at work. Check out this link for some locations in Tamarac that would love to be gifted a lunch or treat basket as a form of appreciation. Feel free to go as big or small as you want! A small basket of fruit and chocolates or a bunch of pizzas – or anything in between will be a blessing to those serving others at this time -Yummy!
  • Appreciation Cards. This is a wonderful time to get the family together and handwrite cards of hope and appreciation for those serving our community. Check out this list of places that all your letters can go.
  • Virtual Video Visit with a Senior. Aging Seniors have never been lonelier. A 10-minute call could be the highlight of their day. Show them what the kids have been up to? Ask them to share their stories, pray with them! Want more info on how to video visit with a senior? Email
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  • “Good News—COVID-19 Edition” is a resource page we are developing for you to share good finds. Know a free resource that can help virtual learning students or teachers? Know of some first responder freebies or places where folks can get COVID-19 related assistance or relief? Let us know about it! Email your “Good News” finds to Outreach Director Yezi Williams ( and we may add it to our COVID-19 Resource page!

We will update this page as often as we can with new ways for you and your family to engage in a positive response to this pandemic. We pray you’ll join us in serving the community and sharing the hope with others.

Our team prays for you daily. Stay safe and may God bless you!

Yezi Williams
Outreach Director
954.724.7400, ext. 221
Sara Costa
Outreach Assistant
954.724.7400, ext. 248