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Here is some important information about our in-person Community Kids programming:

Check-in stations will be located in all children’s lobby spaces and you can check in your child at any of the stations regardless of age/grade. You can check your entire family in at any of the check-in stations. We are currently working on options for touchless check-in and ways to keep socially distant. Once this option becomes available, we will let you know. Nursery spaces will be open in the Auditorium Building for all services (9:30 AM, 11:15 AM & 6:00 PM)

We will be utilizing our NURSERY (south entry of the Auditorium Building) for children birth-23 months.

Preschool and Elementary spaces are now open in the new NextGen Building for all services (9:30 AM, 11:15 AM & 6:00 PM)

PRESCHOOL: Ages 2 – 5 (Not yet in Kindergarten)
  • Enter through the Preschool Lobby (Southwest entry of the NextGen Building)

  • Check in your children in the lobby and receive name tags

  • Enter the hallway and you will be directed to your child’s classroom. Depending on our class size, we may combine classes.

    • Guppies (2 years old)
    • Dolphins (2-3 years old)
    • Turtles (3-4-year-olds)
    • Sharks (4-5-year-olds)
  • Enter through the Elementary Lobby (Southeast entry of the NextGen Building)

  • Check in your children in the lobby and receive name tags

  • Enter into the Elementary space (Left=K-2, Right=3-5) as labeled.

    ** In an effort to keep socially distanced and reduce the number of people in our lobbies, we ask that ONE parent only enters at a time.

  • We are developing a GREEN TEAM of volunteers. These volunteers will be responsible for the “turn-around” of spaces once we are physically meeting together. They will be sanitizing toys, countertops, tables, and chairs, and ensuring the room is ready for the next service.
  • We are working on virtual training and the development of our existing volunteers as well as new volunteers for our team. These online sessions will ensure our teams are ready to receive kids and provide the best experience possible while filling them with the love of Jesus.
  • We have been working closely with our church leadership team regarding best practices and guidelines set forth by the CDC and local governments to ensure the safety and care of your children are our highest priority. Please see below for procedures and guidelines as they pertain to children.

We ask everyone to maintain six feet of social distancing while moving around on campus. Our staff and volunteers will have completed our personal sanitation protocol and will be wearing facemasks. Due to these additional safety procedures, we encourage you to arrive 10 minutes before the service begins.

  • Staff and volunteers will be sanitizing every seat and frequently touched surfaces before you arrive and after you leave.
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations will be available at multiple locations outside and throughout the building.
  • All check-in stations will be “manned” and sanitized after each use.
  • We are implementing a Kids GREEN TEAM to ensure surfaces, toys, and common areas are sanitized properly after each use.
  • All water fountains will be shut off. Water bottles will be made available instead.
  • We encourage everyone to wash or sanitize their hands regularly.
  • We know you’re excited to see each other after so long apart, but please remember that we will be waving, giving a thumbs-up, air hugs, and air high-fives instead of shaking hands or hugging.

Yes. We love you and we want to protect our church family (especially those who are most vulnerable), so we ask that you please bring and wear your own facemask at all times. This is also a requirement by Broward County Emergency Order. If you accidentally left your mask at home, no worries! Complimentary facemasks will be available upon request. Children ages two and younger are not required to wear one.

We’re strictly following CDC guidelines for the safety of you and your family. In light of this, we will be limiting the capacity to no more than:

  • 8 infants in our new enlarged nursery
  • 10 toddlers in our new enlarged nursery
  • 12 children in each preschool classroom
  • 6 in our special needs class
  • 40 in each of our two elementary large group spaces (spread out)

Please be in prayer for us, as we are here for you. Pray that we continually make the right decisions at the right time.

In the meantime, we ask you to consider joining one of our teams. We know that once we open our doors, we will be welcoming hundreds of families, and potentially hundreds of new families. The future of Community Kids is bright! It will be exciting and the opportunities to reach kids and families in the name of Jesus will be many. We need you!

Please click this link to let us know how you can serve.

We love you and miss you and pray we see you very soon!

Your Community Kids Team,

Donna James
Donna JamesCommunity Kids Director
954.724.7400, ext. 215
Jeremy Mercado
Jeremy Mercado Community Kids Elementary Director
954-724-7400 ext. 224
Jayme Able
Jayme AbleCommunity Kids Preschool Coordinator
954.724.7400, ext. 215
Jerleen Norey
Jerleen NoreyCommunity Kids Creative Coordinator