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After consulting with our trusted mission organization partners, we have decided to press pause on all mission trips due to the COVID-19 virus.

In efforts to protect our missionaries and our CCC teams, we have made the decision to simply wait on God and to wait for our government to decide that international travel is safe again. If you have any questions about future mission trips, email me directly at:

Yezi Williams
Outreach Director

The goal of Community’s Mission Trips is to go in the name of Christ, sharing His love in meaningful ways, serving with believers in other cultures, and growing in our own relationship with God. 


for our trips and our teams! Prayer warriors are always needed when we serve God in this radical way. Visit the missions page on our website and pray for our missionaries.

to someone! If you have the finances to support a trip but can’t attend yourself, bless someone who has felt the pull but can’t afford the cost.

on a trip! Say Yes to serving God and loving others in this once-in-a-lifetime way!

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