Community Students Parent Resources

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Resources to Use at Home

“Parenting today is different than parenting yesterday. The world is different. The issues are different. So, the approach to parenting needs to be different.”– Dr. Bob Barnes

Parenting On Purpose offers daily parenting tips as well as a 15 minute podcast on topics such as discipline, raising responsible children, social networking/privacy issues, finances, and so much more!  We encourage you to utilize this resource.

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Resources to Use at School

We want to encourage you as parents to get your students involved with First Priority at their schools.  First Priority is a weekly club that meets on your students’ campuses with the goal of bringing the Gospel to public school students. Once a student receives Christ on campus, they are encouraged to connect to the body of Christ where they can grow in their new faith.  Click this link to find where and when your student’s club meets each week.

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Resources We Use At Church

Our Small Group Strategy

As parents, we want you to know the WHY behind WHAT we do to engage your students here @ Community.  When we we simply make a choice to invest strategically in the lives of students over time, we can help them build an authentic faith.

  1. The first thing we do to reach your students is to be present in their lives.  We want your students to feel like they have a community here to connect their faith with.  
  2. The second step is creating a safe place. One of our goals is to help your students clarify their faith, so that they will develop an authentic faith that will stay with them beyond their graduation day.
  3. The third step is partnering with you as parents in order to nurture an everyday faith.  We want to cue you as a parent to know about the concepts we are discussing in small group so that you can continue to have similar conversations at home.
  4. The fourth strategy we use is making it personal.  We want to inspire your students faith by the example set by our leaders.  We encourage our small group leaders to grow in their own communities, set priorities and be authentic to further your students’ spiritual growth.
  5. Lastly, we want to engage your students’ faith in a bigger story so that they will be prepared for what comes next after graduation. We want to move them to be the church in their next stage of life.


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This is something new that we are putting out just for parents! We recognize that this is a new and unknown season for parents. With that in mind, every week our team will be putting together a short podcast. Our hope is that the podcast would encourage you in Christ, inform you of a few things that are coming up, and remind you of how important your role as a parent truly is! This pilot episode is hosted on an outside site, but moving forward you will find these available on the iTunes Podcast app as well. Give it a listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts every Wednesday morning!