Facebook Notifications Help

Are you following the Community Facebook page, but not getting notifications about our posts and videos?  Our staff team has been frustrated about the same thing, did some research, and came up with some adjustments to your Facebook settings that will allow you to see all the great content from Community on Facebook.

The first step you need to take is to make sure that you have Notifications turned on for your Facebook account.  Login to your Facebook account on a computer.  Sorry, we didn’t find the same access to settings on the Facebook mobile app. Click your profile photo in the upper right of the screen then select Settings and Privacy. Please note, all these captured images are in “Dark Mode” – your images may be white if your computer isn’t in Dark Mode.
Select Notification on the left side which will bring a window like this where you make determinations about a number of different types of notifications that you want to receive from Facebook.
When you’re back on your Facebook page, use Search and navigate to the Community Facebook page (communityccftl). If you are already following our page, you will find a “Following” button toward the top of the page.
After you click the Following button, it should bring up a Follow Settings window like this:
Click on each of the Notifications you would like to see: Content, Video, and Live Video, and the following windows will come up. Click Standard for Post Notifications and All Notifications for Video and Live Notifications, then click the Back button.

If you have Notifications on and have made the changes outlined above, you should start to see Notifications from the Community Facebook page!