Community Students 

At Community Students, we want every student to…


in Jesus.


in a life group.


a part of God’s story.

Middle School

Middle School is such an important time in the life of a student. One thing middle school students can count on is change and with all the changes happening in their world, Community Students aims to be a constant in their lives. Students will engage in high-energy worship, fun games, and connect with peers. The most important part of our service comes during LifeGroup time. Students will break out into groups divided by grade and gender where they will discuss the week’s message, apply it to their lives, and finish up with a prayer time for each other. Our Middle School Ministry meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:15 AM. Not ready to join us in person? Jump online on YouTube here!

Throughout the year our Middle School ministry will have events that are aimed to connect students to God, and their LifeGroups.

High School

The high school years are a time of preparation in school, relationships, and most importantly, we believe they are a preparation time for faith. It’s through our High School Ministry that we aim to prepare students to own their faith. Each week students hear relevant, Bible-based messages that call them to move deeper into their relationship with Christ. Along with that, our Community Students band leads our high school students in worship through uplifting songs. To conclude each service, our students are divided into LifeGroups by grade and gender. In these groups, high school students apply the message in a more personal way, gain Christ-centered relationships with those in the group, and have a time of prayer for the week to come. Our High School Ministry currently meets Sundays at 6:00 PM. Not ready to join us in person? Jump online on YouTube here!

Throughout the year, our High School ministry will have events that aim to connect students to God and their LifeGroups.

Meet the Staff

Alex Wierda
Alex Wierda NextGen Pastor
954.724.7400, ext. 246
Nathan Anderson
Nathan AndersonCommunity Students Pastor
954.724.7400, ext. 263
Joanna D'Antonio
Joanna D'AntonioPompano Beach Campus NextGen Director
954.724.7400, ext. 307
Nicole Reed
Nicole ReedCommunity Students Resident

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