Community Worship is Spirit-led and Presence-driven.

Through excellence in music and production, we aim to create an atmosphere where people can experience God in a powerful way and walk away changed because of it. We are a diverse group of imperfect people who love Jesus and who want to live awake to His presence.

Worship Wednesday


Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Community Worship family. On behalf of our team, WELCOME! We are committed to growing the worship culture of CCC and are looking for volunteers who are gifted, committed, and passionate about Jesus who would like to join us.

If you are interested in production, no need to read any further. Click the button below and fill out the Community Worship Application and indicate your area of interest.

Community Worship Application

If you are a musician or vocalist, please follow the audition process.

If you have any questions about this process, please email Craig at


We’re now accepting all Community Worship auditions via video submission.

Follow the directions below to fill out our Community Worship Application and submit your video. After reviewing your video we will contact you with your next steps. Please submit a video audition for each instrument if more than one. This includes vocalists who also play instruments.



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Our hope is that our worship volunteers learn original parts and get deep into the details of their instrument’s specific parts. All the details are important! Using the given charts, tracks and videos below, please duplicate your instrument’s part in a video to be evaluated by our Community Worship staff.

Follow the directions below to submit your video.

Instrumentalist Charts & Tracks


“See the Light” by Hillsong


We Praise You” by Bethel Music, Brandon Lake

Electric Guitar

“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury


“King of Kings” by Hillsong


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For vocal auditions, you will be singing “My Testimony” by Elevation Worship. Using the tabs below, find the lyrics and choose the mp3 file that best fits your vocal range.

Vocal Tracks
Vocal Lyrics

Other Instruments (strings, horns, percussion)

Choose a song that best demonstrates your skill level and play with an accompaniment track.


1. Download

Download the Audition Resources and follow the instructions.

Audition Resources

2. Upload

Upload your video to YouTube. Under the privacy settings, select “Unlisted” and title the video with “Your Name-Community Worship Audition”

3. Submit

Submit your audition by filling out the Community Worship Application. Include the YouTube link to your video in the form.

Community Worship Application